Your Choices – Adoption

Many people have the wrong idea about adoption. An adoption plan allows you to create a future for you and your baby. There are many reasons to consider adoption. You may want to consider adoption if:

  • You don’t want an abortion and aren’t ready to be a parent,
  • Maybe you know in your heart that you can’t take care of your baby,
  • There’s not enough time, money, or help,

The good news about your situation is that there are many loving couples that would love to have a baby of their own. Adoptions have changed a lot in recent years. You may be delighted to learn that you may have some level of ongoing relationship with your child and even choose the parents who will raise your child. Many women in America choose adoption for their child every year. It is your choice to make.

Not all pregnancy clinics listed on this directory offer medical services.

Please contact your local pregnancy center for information about the services and referrals offered in your area.